Woman asks for advice after partner makes odd comment about future boyfriends

A woman was left confused after her partner kept making odd comments about her ‘future boyfriends’.

Speaking anonymously, the woman explained: “Boyfriend of almost four years keeps saying ‘You should look out for _ in future boyfriends.'”

Naturally, the woman was confused that her boyfriend would assume they would be splitting up in the future.

So, she took to Reddit to ask for advice – and users were divided.

One person said: “I’d be confused and would think they were only with me until they find something else. It’s very odd.”

While another added: “So I had a s**thead boyfriend who would say stuff like this. Once he even told me I would be perfect for his best friend.

“We were together for two years and he was never really into me. He did that thing that men tend to do where he [was] waiting for me to break up with him because he could never look like the bad guy. That was a waste of two years of my life. I wish I had spoken up way sooner.”

“It seems like he’s telling you he’s not serious about your relationship,” added another.

While on the other hand, others wondered whether her partner was looking for reassurance.

One commented: “My first thought on reading the title was that he was insecure and fishing for compliments/reassurance.”

But another user had a different explanation entirely.

“Actually, I’ve done what OP’s bf is doing and for none of the reasons you list. My sister’s fiancé died unexpectedly at a young age, so it was my weird way of trying to look out for my SO if I were to suddenly pass away,” they wrote.

While another suggested the woman ask her boyfriend whether he was indirectly telling her that he doesn’t think this is going to last.